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Doubt is Squandered Oportunity

I am always on the hunt for for a heart that beats in the same time as mine

There are few things as relaxing as putting your tired hands into a sink full of pipping hot soapy water 

Well besides baths, but the realistic know that there are few minutes left in this world that were meant to be spent in the bath.

I want to sink my teeth into something new 

Find an opening in the dead end that I have become 

My words have become watery and deluded in the dreams I have yet to fulfill

Don’t underestimate me, my time will come. 

You will never lose, if you never quit 

Hearts that hum to a different tune may never find their match 

but I have herd and seen much more sorrow than that.

- JV


Lily Collins ASOS Inteview & cover shoot

shesssooopretty asked: Kudos for you for sharing positive body pictures. It helps a lot of people 😊💕


Thank you so much! I try my best! ❤️💕

me on a spanish test:cómo se llama, bonita, mi casa, shakira shakira
ghalleon87 asked: Hi, you are very pretty. That is all, have a great day :D


Thank you so much! You are the best!







god bless america

wooow chills

fuck yeaaahhhh

Rebogging again because dead

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